NYC Tech Summit

On July 26th, CodeMonkey attended the NYC Tech Summit, presented by the NYCDOE Division of Instructional and Information Technology. Unlike other past conventions CodeMonkey has attended, NYC Tech Summit was held at a local High School. The High School, LaGuardia, was large enough to host the 2,500 educators and administrators who came to the successful event from surrounding areas. The conference was 8 hours long and lasted 7:45 until 3:45.

As a sponsor, CodeMonkey had its own booth to meet and greet attendees. Director of Sales, Kurt Allen, attended with his 17 year-old daughter, who discussed her experiences with the CodeMonkey platform from a teenager’s perspective. According to her, CodeMonkey is easy to use yet simultaneously succeeds in challenging students her age. The way that it starts off easy, but progressively increases in level of difficulty, keeps students engaged and makes them want to complete the challenges even more.

In the meantime, coding workshops were held by teachers, who demoed different coding resources to use in the classroom. NYC Tech Summit’s exhibitors and visitors got to meet new people involved in EdTech and learn of  the top resources in the industry. Attendees left with a feeling of excitement, as well as a little bit of information overload.

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